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Chinese Medicine
By Dr. Andreas Marx

The first of the primary tenets of Biological Medicine is to advocate that reversal of any condition requires a proper diagnosis and evaluation. This includes determining the vitality of the patient and constitutional weakness (inherited miasmas). It requires non-linear thinking, which is an intuitive and creative style.

Second, the practitioner must identify and remove obstacles that get in the way of the healing process. Often such obstacles appear to be unrelated. For example, dental problems, systemic parasite infections, fungal conditions, ELF, Geopathic stress, and other factors may contribute to a single disorder. Therefore, the condition will not be eliminated without addressing these seemingly unrelated causes.

Third, disease reversal requires specific detoxification and revitalization, which can be effectively achieved with specific drainage therapy. In addition, Biological Medicine offers a wide variety of alternative therapies including homeopathy, herbal therapy, nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, chelation, ozone, neural therapy, laser, and many others. These are all known for their ability to support and restore the body’s structure and internal terrain, which are intended to create a balance between body, mind, and spirit.

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