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My Story 

How did I ever got so involved in the health field with an emphasis in biological and holistic medicine? It was not a spontaneous decision. I did not wake up one day and say to myself “I am going to be a doctor”. The following story is not to share the struggle I went through with my health but rather a story about how my thought paradigm was changed from linear thinking to another dimension based on cause and effect. 


It grew from my ever-present sense of curiosity and the observation of failures I saw within traditional medicine. Twice ( when I was 6 and 18 years old) I was misdiagnosed and almost died, from Tuberculosis - a widespread disease for children growing up after the war in Europe.

Just for the record, I got completely healed.  


In my early twenties, during my musical career in London, it was medically chic to put one asleep during dental treatments. This process was meant to prevent the patient from experiencing any pain and when it was all done you wake up and “WOW” your teeth were all fixed. Due to this process, in one treatment I received 14 different silver amalgam fillings. I remember that when I woke up my whole tongue was grey from the silver-mercury mix.  I was advised, that it will wash down when I drink water. 


Three years later, I developed unpleasant kidney pains. No one could help me with my kidney conditions, I consulted numerous specialists and experts in medical clinics and in University clinics. Despite this, no one was able to help with the pain, and I just had to get used to this constant discomfort. During this time I developed a severe psoriasis condition and received many cortisone medications and shots. Several years later a holistic dentist who was also a medical doctor, concluded that all my symptoms are mainly stemming from mercury poisoning due to my teeth fillings. Yet if this was not enough, I also developed severe osteoporosis with hairline fractures in multiple joints, particularly on my hands. It was probably due to the many cortisone injections. Needless to say, it was very painful.

The prognosis at the time was I had to mentally prepare myself to be in a wheelchair within the next 6 months. I had an energetic and positive outlook on life. Something deep inside felt all this doesn’t sound right. Yes, my physical body did not feel so great, but my spirit was good. In my job as a sound engineer and composer, I was very busy, enjoyed what I was doing, and didn’t have much time for self-pity. During this time I learned about a German Naturopath from a friend and went to see him.

It took only 6 weeks of a special “fresh cell” injectable treatment by this Naturopath, and I lost all my symptoms - it was truly miraculous. The results of the treatment were confirmed by X Rays. The University Clinic in Munich congratulated me however, not a single doctor was curious enough (or even cared enough) to ask what kind of treatment I received. Today, if a health care provider finds a new cure it is still the most exciting and motivating part of my profession.  I cannot believe that doctors in traditional medicine are never curious about unorthodox methods that actually help their patients. 


Philippines Life gig.jpg

I could go on with many more stories about my health history, like the way my father died due to being overmedicated. It was later confirmed by autopsy that he developed liver cirrhosis. Today I believe, the purpose I went through all these health struggles was to learn first-hand, about medicine the hard way, and not in theory or just by books. 
After this experience, I know it was my destiny, my mission, my purpose to not end up as a victim of academics who seemed to have very little basic common sense. Dr. Herman Scholl, a friend and neighbor (and later my colleague) who I drilled endlessly to explain medicine to me - stated that the only way I would ever let him have any peace was that I should study medicine and focus on biological medicine. Before I knew it, he had signed me up to a medical school in Munich. He, as a physician and phycologist had already been using integrated medicine in the early seventies.

At the time Reinhardt Voll, a known physician, developed an acupuncture scanning device that allowed a precise evaluation of the body's energy including teeth, called EAV.  Later this measuring technique came to the US and was known as, “Electro Dermal Screening” (EDS). In the seventies, Herman and I got very interested in this noninvasive evaluation, and we took classes and bought an EAV testing system. This technique until today is still one of the most preferred and effective tools in my work. During the seventies, Dr. Voll was invited several times to the United States to give lectures and seminars. In Germany, where I was educated and trained, I was fortunate to assist him as a young student once in a while during his classes and at medical conferences. One such conference was the annual European congress in the city of Baden Baden in the black forest which was also attended by American physicians. This led to my invitation to the United States to provide training classes for doctors who had purchased these EAV devices. There was only very limited hands on training available at this time. It was a great honor and challenge for me to teach American doctors EAV and German Biological Medicine.  It was an exciting time to come to the United States -  where a job was already waiting for me. Holistic medicine was hardly known and practiced in the U.S., the health food industry just started to develop and we were true pioneers.  Our many workshops and seminars developed into integrated medicine which is also referred to as functional medicine today. 


In spite of growing older, my passion for biological medicine has not ceased, because I have been able to witness the numerous benefits it has provided to so many people. It definitely helps to keep my family and I vital and healthy. My approach with clients and training workshops is based on the sound German naturopathic framework “the Golden Rule of Three”: 1) Evaluating the Vitality, 2) Determine the Constitutional Weakness, and 3) Finding and removing the obstacles, followed by choosing the right support. The ground rule of medicine is, first comes the diagnosis then comes the therapy. Unfortunately, today's medicine allows only a short 1 to 2 minute visit with their traditional doctor. There is no time and knowledge to apply the Golden Rule and leaves the diagnosis up to lab testing results and diagnostic uncertainty. 
I got involved in medicine because I was taught if one cannot master his circumstances, he will be mastered by them - and I am a slave to none.

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