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About Biological Medicine

German Biological medicine established itself over the last two centuries through the work of outstanding pharmacists and physicians. There are more than 100,000 biological remedies available in Germany today. Biological medicines contain the same active ingredients, but in lower concentrations as allopathic drugs, and are effective without harmful side effects. These biological remedies are manufactured by several hundred companies and distributed by thousands of pharmacies. One has to remember that doctors from the “old school” wrote customized formulas know as prescriptions for patients who then took them to pharmacies where they were individually prepared for each patient’s particular ailment.

When a formula became very popular due to noted efficacy and demand was realized, pharmacists would prepare and stock certain quantities in advance. The natural evolution of this process created small and later larger manufacturing facilities. We must understand that the development of these pharmaceutical companies evolved purely and solely on the basis of good, consistent results and product demand. Over time, these companies built their reputations on the substantially, proven efficacy of their remedies. With integrity, they avoided the “cookbook” approach where formulas are created quickly to make fast, easy sales with the use of clever marketing tactics. Health care professionals should be able to rely on remedies with decades of proven safety and efficacy, rather than spending time on product research, attempting to validate a manufacturer’s claims.

Dr. Marx has published books and articles for health professionals regarding biological medicine. Below is a collection of excerpts, articles, and patient handouts that Dr. Marx has produced throughout my career in Biological Medicine.


HEALING CRISIS: What is a Healing Crisis?
By Dr. Andreas Marx

During treatment with natural therapies such as homeopathy, herbal remedies, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and other biological methods, you may experience an initial increase in symptoms. This is known as a healing crisis and usually lasts about three days. It may begin with a headache, body aches or occasional fever with perspiration. Some patients may feel very tired and sluggish. Older generation doctors view these symptoms as an initiation of the healing process and encourage their patients to enthusiastically embrace them.

By Dr. Andreas Marx

The first of the primary tenets of Biological Medicine is to advocate that reversal of any condition requires a proper diagnosis and evaluation. This includes determining the vitality of the patient and constitutional weakness (inherited miasmas). It requires non-linear thinking, which is an intuitive and creative style. Second, the practitioner must identify and remove obstacles that get in the way of the healing process. Often such obstacles appear to be unrelated. For example, dental problems, systemic parasite infections, fungal conditions, ELF, Geopathic stress, and other factors may contribute to a single disorder. Therefore, the condition will not be eliminated without addressing these seemingly unrelated causes.

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