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Published Books Written by Dr. Marx

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Biological Medicine: The Gateway to Health

Dr. Andreas Marx, L.Ac., DOM, Dip. NCCAOM, studied Naturopathic Medicine in Munich, Germany where he was trained under leading authorities in drainage therapies, dysbiosis, electoral dermal screening (EAV), herbology, homeopathy, clinical ecology, dark field microscopy, and terrain assessment. From the desk of Dr. Marx comes a reference guide to biological medicine based on his over 35 years experience as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, naturopath, and licensed acupuncturist. This reference guide contains publications from Germany, a global leader in biological medicine, including homeopathic and herbal remedies, translated by Dr. Marx, as well as research of his own. The purpose of this guide is to assist practitioners with biological remedies for the clients they serve, including information about disease, supplementation, and the keys to unlock the gateway to health.

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Polarity Game.png

Polarity Game

Polarity Game offers a unique look into the duality of life situations with humor, analogies, and inspiring humanistic tales. It proposes a perspective on common sense based on the paradox that everything in life has its opposite. Much of the chaos, emotional distress, and challenges of individual lives and society at large could be reduced by simply using common sense. This is an entertaining adventure offering perspectives to maintain polarity balance in life.
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